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We are now officially 6 months into 2015. WOW…. Where is the time going?  We will all be thinking of Christmas parties next!!!  But before we do lets get “Fit for Summer” and start with a healthy balanced diet into our daily routine.

Nutritional questions regarding fruit we eat

Is it too high in sugar?  Does it cause fat gain?
Fruit is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and many phytonutrients.  It’s a great source of fibre.  Fibre helps keep you feeling full.

Too much sugar is bad for you? 
This is not untrue, but any food eaten in excess can be detrimental.

You just need to be smart.
Wait….tell me more about the sugar?  Fructose is a simple sugar found in fruit that gives the sweet taste. While it is true that all sugars have the capacity to raise blood sugar.  Research shows that the inclusion of fruit actually improves the quality of a diabetic diet and reduces incidence of metabolic syndrome and related conditions.

Ok cool, so fruit is pretty good, I don’t need to worry about the sugar?
As part of a balanced diet, fruit is a tasty, convenient addition that provides a range of healthy benefits.  The old rule of aiming for five servings of fruit and veg per day is still a good habit that would improve the diet of many.

How much fruit and veg do you eat per day?
If you’re on less than 5, why don’t you make that your habit for the next week?

New Fitness In the Park Session in Petersfield

We have started a new session in Petersfield on a Thursday Morning at 09:30.  You will find us in Penns Place, (behind the Taro centre).  Sessions are £5 for an hour of Fitness and Fun in the park.  No need to book on, just turn up with your bottle of water.

Spread the word to all of your friends who are up there and you feel would love to come along and be part of a great group.  Point them at http://www.innovationsfitness.co.uk/activities/fitness-in-the-park/ for more info.

Hot News…… Boot Camp weekend 18-20th September

We are excited to confirm our 2nd trip of 2015 to Worth Matravers for our Boot Camp weekend away.  This is such a great weekend of fitness, fun and getting out in the fresh air.

Click on the link to watch last years video. http://www.innovationsfitness.co.uk/adventure-bootcamp-weekend/, find out more about the trip and to reserve a place, now.

Need New Trainers for Summer?

Remember that all Innovations Fitness clients get 15% off your first pair of trainers from i-Run in Chichester. i-Run are based at the Hornet. If you are going along to i-Run ask Topsy for a discount card during the sessions. They have a great professional service with a foot bio mechanical assessment.

Payment Options, save money by paying monthly!

Option one – Pay £35 a month by standing order – unlimited sessions each month

Please use the following bank details: Sort Code: 20-69-40 Bank Account Number: 23747336. Reference Bootcamp, we just ask for one months notice if you wish to cancel.

Option two – Pay for sessions as you go

Option three – Pay £50 up front for 12 sessions (two free) Valid for 2 months

You can also pay online,http://www.innovationsfitness.co.uk/gift-vouchers/

Believe. Commit. Succeed.

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