Boxerfit – Emsworth

Melt away those excess kilos! Be fighting fit! The Ultimate in Fitness!

Boxerfit is the ultimate fitness session, combining cardio, strength, speed and boxing. Boxerfit will get you fit fast! Boxerfit will melt away those excess kilos and have you fighting fit in no time! In a Boxerfit session you will burn up to 600 calories! in 60 minutes. That’s more calories than your average fitness session, and by the way, Boxerfit is a whole lot more fun too!!

Boxerfit class is every Thursday evening,  Emsworth Park Tennis Courts starting at 18:30 for an hour.  Price £6 per session.

Boxing pads will be provided but we strongly recommend that you purchase your own gloves. Sports direct are the cheapest.  Leather ones with wrist support are best!

If you would like more information please contact Topsy


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Emsworth Recreation Ground – Boxerfit

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