Here is the news you have all been waiting for………..
The Innovations Fitness Team would like to invite you and your partner to the 2015 Annual Innovations Fitness Christmas Party.

Please click here to find out all the details and how to book your table.

Price Increases 

Also more important news regarding price changes with effect from 1st October 2015.   We apologise for those who do pay monthly and did not receive the email last week regarding the changes.

Innovations Fitness has now been running for five and half years (Whoop whoop). During this time we have delivered a wide range of fitness sessions, offering outstanding value for money with no increase in cost. We now feel it is time for a change and have now raised our prices accordingly.
  • Monthly Subscription £40.  As you all know paying monthly gives you unlimited access to our Fitness in the Park sessions which most of you attend at least three times a week.
  • Our monthly fee offers great value for money with no contract ties and up to 50% reduction each month.
E,g  Based on three sessions a week @£6 equates to £18 per week or £72 per month.  That gives you just under a 50% reduction.
If you came to 4 sessions a week @£6 equates to £24 per week or £96 per month.  Giving you a 60% reduction.
  • Single session price increase to £6 you will still be getting fantastic value for money.
  • Boxerfit £6 (not included in monthly standing order)
  • Children £3 per session
  • £60 payable in advance for 12 sessions ( two sessions FREE)
  • Personal training £30 per session
Class Timetable changes
  • Saturday morning 8:30 – 9:30 this will start from Saturday 3 October
  • Boxerfit has already changed to 19:00
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