Hi Crew,

Please tell me that summer is not over yet!! Boy has it been wet lately but lets not let it dampen our  spirits though. We now have a fantastic couple of months to look forward to and hey! It’s nearly Christmas!! LOL

It has been an action packed last 2 months which have seen us start 2 new sessions in Petersfield and finally build our Strength and Conditioning Gym.

The Sessions have been buzzing with lots of new faces and boy you’ve worked your socks of.

We have lots to tell you about what’s coming up, so please enjoy.

Forthcoming events

31st Aug – Bank holiday fitness special – Emsworth park  – 09:00.
1st Sept – Couch 2 5k beginners running course Starts – Emsworth Park – 18:30.
8th Sept – Emsworth Joggers starts – Southleigh Park – 18:30.
25th Oct – Great South Run – Portmouth – 10:00
18th-20th Sept – Activity Weekend – Worth Matravers Dorset – All weekend.
5th Dec – IF Christmas do – Brookfield Hotel Emsworth – 19:00-late!!
6th Dec – Recover from IF Christmas do!!!!!

Emsworth Joggers Running Club

It’s finally happening!! After months of planning and talking about it. Emsworth Joggers springs into step on Tuesday 7th Sept. The start time will be 18:30 and base camp will be Southleigh Park pavilion situated off Southleigh Rd Emsworth. The Park is located within touching distance of some great routes both on and off Rd. This will be a fun social Club geared towards all abilities of fitness and will also be a great place to meet new friends. Please contact us for more details.  Click here to view a map of the location.

Personal Training

Our new training facility is now up and running offering a wide range of personal fitness training.

From strength training to specific sports training we can help you achieve you goal what ever it may be.

Prices start from as little as £35/for a one hour session and receive a free session if you block book 10 sessions.

Diet and Health news


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re a necessary part of any diet.

Even if you don’t think you’re a fan of veggies, and the lure of eating a bag of nails seems more
appetising than forcing down some nasty old broccoli, or disgusting cabbage, there is a way everyone can enjoy vegetables.

Seriously – even the most veggie-averse individual can find a way not only to tolerate the green stuff, but to actually look forward to eating it.

Still not sure?  That’s okay. Read on, try a few of these methods, and then see for yourself.

Why Veggies?

You might be wondering what’s the point of vegetables. After all, they don’t contain much protein, offer little in the way of healthy fats, and are generally considered an afterthought for most meals. But they really do play an integral part when trying to transform your body and lose fat or gain muscle. The main benefit of vegetables is the vitamins and minerals they offer, which are vital for cell repair and growth, and immune system function. Neglect veggies, and you run the risk of colds, flu and impaired recovery between training sessions.

Secondly, veggies are just about the best way you can get your fibre.  Fibre is ace for helping you feel full, keeping your regular, and it has a high thermic effect, so you only actually absorb around half the calories in fibre.

Happy now that you do NEED veggies?

Cool, then try these four tips to turn any veggie-hater into a veggie-addict.

1.    Smooth Operator

One word – smoothies.  Nope, that’s not a typo – vegetables in smoothies really works, and you don’t even taste them, provided you have a flavoured protein powder in there too.  Try this base recipe, then make tweaks to suit your personal preference

  • 1-2 green vegetables (spinach and kale work really well, but you can also try cucumber, courgette, and even broccoli.)
  • 1-2 fruits such as berries and apples
  • 1 scoop of flavoured protein powder
  • Handful of ice cubes

2.    Chip on Your Shoulder

Get inventive with your “chips.” You can go for the slightly unconventional route of making your own chips with butternut squash, turnip or Swede, by cutting them into thin slices, spraying them with a little oil, then roasting in the oven.

Or, you could get even more outside the box with kale and beetroot chips – made in exactly the same way.  Use spices and seasonings such as cayenne, rock salt, garlic powder and cinnamon to add extra flavour.

3.    Secret Sauce

Making a spag bol, chilli, or shepherd’s pie? Just blend up some veg, such as mushrooms, peppers, onion and carrot, with a tin of tomatoes, some ketchup, herbs and spices, and hey presto, you have a veg-packed sauce for your meat.

4.    The Perfect Pudding

If you thought vegetable smoothies were a little crazy, this one may shock you even more. Avocado and cauliflower both make incredibly good desserts. They’re also really easy to do. In a blender or food processor, combine avocado or frozen cauliflower with cocoa powder, some sweetener, a scoop of protein powder, and a little egg white or coconut flour for thickness, and blend. Like smoothies, these are so versatile, and actually taste like a pudding.

Even if you’re the most veggie-averse individual, I hope these tips give you some new ideas!

Christmas Party

I know its only August, But “Winter is coming” (Well Christmas). We must prepare!! So that’s why we have booked the Christmas venue for this year’s extravaganza. The venue is The Brookfield Hotel and the date is Saturday 5th Dec so get that date in your diaries now crew. It will start from 19:00 and go through until late!

The dress code will be party frocks and Lounge suits. More if will come out very soon but just to let you know tickets will only cost £35 including food.

Special Offers

Special offer of the term – Introduce a new member to IF, and when they then sign up to pay monthly you’ll get a £20 gift voucher to spend on any IF services or you’ll get an an iRun voucher.

Rain doesn’t stop play!!!

Some of you may of noticed it was a wee bit wet last week. Rain didn’t stop play for these diehards!!  Well done for turning out in such horrid conditions.

See you all in the park, rain or shine!


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